Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Fix your bite, enjoy your new smile, and live life pain-free!

We’ll help you eliminate jaw pain, sore muscles, and excessively worn down teeth with a full mouth rehabilitation. 

Teeth, jaw joints and muscles, and facial muscles work together to preserve a healthy bite.  When they do not work harmoniously, it puts oral health at risk.  Most patients with a bite condition clench their teeth without even knowing it, causing damage to teeth, existing filling, and crowns.  The more a tooth wears down, the more susceptible it becomes to decay.  If your bite aligns improperly, it may cause tooth and jaw pain, as well as other bodily pains.

  • Stabilizes bite and protects against future wear on teeth
  • Reduces body, facial, and head pain
  • Provides a more youthful and confident appearance

A full mouth rehabilitation ranges from 2-6 months in order for the transformation to be as gentle, yet effective as possible. Initially, your teeth need to be raised “higher” to open up the bite vertically.  A splint is left in place until the bite begins to feel comfortable.  After the bite is stabilized, we are able to restore the teeth and muscles and teach them how to work together properly.  The process involves crowns and veneers on all teeth.

Can I restore my bite without “opening” it up?

Teeth may be refurbished through other treatments but are likely to wear down again if your muscles, jaw, and teeth do not work together.

How long does a full mouth rehabilitation treatment take?

Full mouth rehabilitation takes anywhere between 2-6 months depending on the severity of your condition and how fast your muscles adapt to the new jaw placement.

Will my insurance cover the cost of this treatment?

The majority of our treatments are covered by a large number of insurance companies.  For a more comprehensive description of coverage, please call your service provider.

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  • I have had many dentists in the past, and I can honestly say he is by far the best.

    Dr. Raj is an amazing dentist!  He is friendly, knowledgable, and very good at what he does.  I have had many dentists in the past, and I can honestly say he is by far the best.  He did an excellent job on my fillings, and I referred my entire family to him, all of whom were equally impressed by his thoroughness and his quality of work.  I would recommend him to anybody!

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