Dental Cleanings

Regular checkups ensure that your mouth stays healthy and bacteria free!

Did you know that keeping your mouth healthy keeps your whole body healthy too?  We’ll help you keep smiling and stay healthy with regular hygiene visits!

Oral hygiene plays an important roll in preserving overall body health.  When left unattended, tartar and plaque buildups can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.  Regular checkups and cleanings can reduce a number of potential risks.  Let us help you assure your teeth and gums are kept in optimal health as we aim to improve and maintain your oral hygiene.

  • Regular checkups can prevent gum disease
  • Cleaner teeth and healthier gums
  • Brighter smile
  • Prevents cavities
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Freshens breath

Appointment Details: Your cleaning will generally last approximately 30 minutes.  The process eliminates any built up tartar, plaque, and stains by using an ultrasonic water scaler and a number of manual scalers.  One of our highly qualified professionals will then carefully examine your mouth for any existing or potential problems such as decay or gum disease.

How long will my appointment last?

The length of the process depends on your oral hygiene.  Typically, a cleaning and checkup visit will take 30 minutes, but you may require a longer appointment if you do not come in regularly and have excess plaque and tartar.

Will it hurt to get my teeth cleaned?

We are dedicated to ensuring your comfort at every stage of treatment.  The entire experience is relatively painless, however you may experience some light discomfort during cleaning near the gum line.

Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned so often?

Your toothbrush can’t reach some of the places in your mouth.  It’s important to come in for regular hygiene appointments in order to eliminate the harmful bacteria living below your gums.

Will my cleaning be covered by my insurance?

The majority of our treatments are covered by a large number of insurance companies.  For a more comprehensive description of coverage, please call your service provider.

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  • I have had many dentists in the past, and I can honestly say he is by far the best.

    Dr. Raj is an amazing dentist!  He is friendly, knowledgable, and very good at what he does.  I have had many dentists in the past, and I can honestly say he is by far the best.  He did an excellent job on my fillings, and I referred my entire family to him, all of whom were equally impressed by his thoroughness and his quality of work.  I would recommend him to anybody!

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